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Dubai: Lunch at Ravi in Satwa

by Sanne
Mutton Kadai at Ravi, Satwa, Dubai

Yesterday, I was in Satwa to look for a good tailor, and since you cannot visit Satwa without visiting the Pakistani restaurant Ravi, I sat down for Pakistani lunch before I started my tailor hunt.

I wanted to have one of their paneer dishes, but they were out of paneer that day. Instead the waiter suggested that I tried their Mutton Kadai, which is a dish with lamb cooked in a delicious tomato-cumin-based sauce.

Before the hot food is served at Ravi, you always get a plate with cucumber, tomato and onion, and a bowl with cold yogurt sauce. I have always wondered whether the vegetables should be eaten as an appetizer or whether they serve as garnish to the main dish. I forgot to ask this time, but I will try to find out next time I am there.

I ordered 3 roti (soft flatbread) to scoop up the food with, but I was only served one. However, the waiter assured me that the rest would arrive in due time after I had finished the first one, so they would not get cold and boring and I would have a steady supply of piping hot, freshly baked roti throughout my meal.

It was a very nice meal, and as always, I was surprised to see how cheap it was. I think I paid around 20AED (6USD) for roti, mutton stew and a cup of karak chai that tasted like a big warm hug. What a bargain!

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