Dubai: Ladies’ Night at the Observatory

by Sanne
Ladies Night at The Observatory, Dubai Marriott Harbour

Monday evening I met with Pia and some other friends at The Observatory on the 52nd floor at Dubai Marriott Harbour. At The Observatory, happy hour is between 15-20, with offers on both food and drinks, so it’s a perfect place to catch up with friends after work without having to dig too far into your weekly party budget.

What we didn’t knew was that Monday at the The Observatory is also Ladies’ Night, so around 8pm, the staff started handing out drinks to female guests in exchange for some paper tokens, which we were told, we could pick up at the entrance. The female members of our party therefore rushed out to get their drink tokens, which entitled us to 3 free drinks from the Guilt Free (?!) menu.

In addition, we were also served each our plate with healthy, guilt free snacks. “Guilt Free” means fewer calories, and from the taste of the drinks, I think they slimmed it down primarily by adding less sugar. I don’t like my drinks too sweet, so I found those guilt free cocktails very refreshing and tasty.

When it comes to Ladies’ Night, Dubai is second to none, and if you’re female, you’ll never have to reach for your wallet, when you go out during weekdays. It almost sound too good to be true, but I guess it’s a result of the city’s very uneven gender distribution (apparently, 3 out of 4 Dubai residents are male).

I don’t think a similar concept would be possible in Denmark, as it would be regarded as gender discrimination, and the low-calories drinks would probably be accused of propagating eating disorders and unhealthy beauty ideals.

If you think about it, have you ever seen any low-calorie alternatives in sports bars and other man-caves? And do your really want to be reminded of your weight, when you’re out to have a good time? Though I’m not the one to complain, as I like my drinks dry, cold and free..

Update 2017: Ladies’ Night at The Observatory is still on Mondays, but they’ve changed the concept a bit. 

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The Observatory, 52nd Level Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel, Dubai Marina

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