Dubai Marina: Shake Shack and karak

by Sanne
Shake Shack, Dubai Marina

At this time of the year, Dubai is a great place to be. This is when all the tourists come down to enjoy the sunny weather (and the Shopping Festival), and Dubai is doing its very best to make a good impression.

In Dubai Marina, there is live music and entertainment on weekends, and a group of food trucks have settled on the stretch between Marina Mall and Pier 7. At first, I thought it was a temporary thing, but it looks like they’re here to stay. This means that I have Salt and Shake Shack right on my doorstep. Decisions, decisions. They both make awesome burgers, which are quite similar if you ask me, so which one to choose?

Last time we ended up at Shake Shack because the line was shorter, and they had vacant tables so we could sit down and eat our burgers. We had each our Shack Burger and a Cheese Fries to share and it was delicious.

Afterwards we went for karak and coffee at another food truck, BLK Coffee. Karak is strong black tea with milk and cardamom and it is very popular in Dubai, but I think it is originally from India. After cutting down on coffee I’ve started drinking black tea again, and right now karak is my favorite hot drink. Have you tried karak?

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