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Dubai: Mauritius Now Gala Evening at One & Only Royal Mirage

Dubai: Mauritius Now Gala Evening at One & Only Royal Mirage

The other day, I was invited to the Mauritius Now Gala Evening. The event was organized by the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, and took place at the One & Only Royal Mirage, which is a nice resort hotel here in Dubai. There was a large buffet with different kinds of food from Mauritius, and during the dinner, we were watching videos featuring different sights and activities from the beautiful island.

The food was really good and packed with flavors, but without being too spicy. I particularly liked the Octopus Vindaye, which is a Mauritian dish with octopus in a rich turmeric- and mustard-based curry. I had so much of that dish, that I was too full to try more than a few of the other dishes 🙂 Though there is always room for dessert, and I got to try Napolitaines, which is a kind of glazed sandwich cookies, that I first though was macarons.

I also met with C, who writes the blog LilOneOfTheAshes. We have known each other for several years, but it’s been forever since we last met, so we made sure to sit at the same table, so we could catch up on everything.



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