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Dubai: Miyoshi – Where the Koreans get their hair done

by Sanne
Miyoshi, Korean hair salon, Dubai

Wonder where the Koreans in Dubai get their hair done? I was too, because all my Korean friends down here have amazing hair, and it turned out they all go to the same hair salon, Miyoshi, inside Golden Tulip in Tecom.

Miyoshi is a Korean-style beauty salon, and most of the staff are Korean. When making your booking, you can choose which hair stylist you want. Shinae recommended Mario, so I went on to book my haircut with him.

Mario is Korean (Mario is just his English name), and he has previously worked in Australia and China, so he speaks English well. I told him that I wanted the new kind of layer cut that all the Koreans have, and I showed him a photo of Shinae, to make sure we were on the same page. We decided to go for mid-length layers and a tapered cut to add some lightness and vibrance to my hair.  If I was happy with that style, he explained, we could go even further down that path the next time.

It all took about 45 minutes including complimentary hair wash. Hair wash is included at most hairdressers in Dubai, but that is unfortunately not always the case anymore in Denmark, so I want to make it clear to my Danish readers that the 100AED I paid for the hair cut was including wash, which makes it super cheap compared to haircuts in Denmark.

The haircut is very low maintenance, which is important to me, because if I need to spend too much time in the morning, blow drying and setting my hair, I will end up just wearing it in a ponytail. The cut has a natural volume and lightness to it so I can just roll out of bed, brush my hair and add a little setting spray, and I’m good to go.

Update 1: A friend had her haircut with another stylist, Julie, and she was also very happy with the result.

Update 2: One Korean friend doesn’t go to Miyoshi, but to a place in Oud Metha called Korean Beauty Salon. They are supposed to be very good too, and their perms are cheaper than at Miyoshi, so if you are in that area and want a Korean-style haircut, maybe that salon is worth checking out.

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Miyoshi, Golden Tulip Media Hotel (not to be confused with Golden Tulip Hotel in Al Barsha), Barsha Heights, Tecom, Dubai. Tel: 04 448 9898

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