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Dubai: Morning runs and smoothie bowls

by Sanne
Dubai Marina

I’ve never been into running, but lately, morning runs have somehow managed to sneak into my morning ritual.  I wake up early, so I am ready to start my run each morning at 6am, when the covid-19 night curfew ends.

While I can still come up with more than 100 things, I would rather do than running, I must admit that it feels really good afterward. I usually reward myself with a smoothie bowl when I get back home, and thinking about that bowl is what gets me through the 1.5(!) miles run around the Marina:)

And talking about smoothie bowls, I started out with some rather miserable attempts, that looked more like berry soup. Finding the right balance between too much liquid, and not enough liquid to get my budget brand blender to blend, was a struggle. For me, the key to smoothie bowl success was sliced frozen bananas, which gives the smoothie some texture without clogging up the blender. I use one frozen banana per bowl together with frozen açai mix for the purple bowls or pitaya mix for the pink bowls. The bananas have to be frozen, or you will get smoothie soup. Top with fresh berries, coconut and other things that makes the bowl look pretty:)

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