Dubai: Moylo’s – Great burgers in Jumeirah

by Sanne
Moylo's, Dubai

I’m back in Dubai again and even though it’s still hot, it’s not as humid anymore. Yesterday, Poul wanted to buy a new watch, so we drove off to Mall of the Emirates to look for some arm-candy. On our way we decided to take a little detour and stop by Moylo’s, which is an independent, locally grown, burger restaurant on Jumeirah Beach Road.

The burgers at Moylo’s are really good and remind me of the burgers you get at Shake Shack. The meat is juicy and the buns are white and soft. I know that some people prefer their burgers larger and less messy, but to me, the burgers at Moylo’s (and Shake Shack for that sake) are absolutely perfect.

I had a salted caramel milkshake with my burger and Poul had the Or Yo!! Milkshake. At first we didn’t get that Or Yo. “Wonder what’s in that one?” we said out loud, and felt slightly stupid, when one from the staff explained that it was short for “Oreo”. An Oreo milkshake, and it was good. Or Yo!

We also shared some onion rings and a bucket full of truffle fries. While the onion rings were good and no doubt home made, the truffle fries were excellent. The fries had been sprinkled with crispy parmesan, and we just couldn’t stop stuffing our faces. Truffle fries must be one of the best fries-inventions ever, and I wish more restaurants down here had them on their menu.

Moylos’ Obaid Salim Al Mazuri Building, Jumeirah St, Dubai

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