Dubai: Museum of Illusions – Don’t believe your eyes!

by Sanne

Trine and I were invited to come and check out the Museum of Illusions, which is a new museum located in the new dining and shopping area Al Seef down by the creek. At first, Trine wasn’t too happy about going, as she is really not into museums, but Museum of Illusions is not your usual museum, and after visiting, Trine had to admit that it was a really awesome place.

A guy called Kevin showed us around and told us about the different installations. He also assisted us in getting the poses right in order to make the illusions come alive.

The first one we tried was Head on a Platter. Mirrors under the table makes it seem like your head has been separated from your body and been placed on a plate. Yikes!

The chair illusion was also really cool. The individual parts of the chair were placed on the floor, and when aligned, it looked like someone had shrunk you and placed you on a giant chair.

Later on, we sat down for a game of poker with ourselves at the Clone Table before we entered the Infinity Room and went Oooh! and Aaah! when the lights were turned on and it felt like we were standing in the middle of a galaxy surrounded by millions of stars.

The Museum of Illusions was such a fun place! I think we spend around an hour at the museum, but if you want to go through every single image and installation, you will probably need more time.

Most of the installations requires some kind of interaction from your side, and it isn’t until you see the photo, that the visual illusion becomes apparent, so remember to bring your camera or your phone for some really fun shots!

Museum of Illusions, Al Seef, Bur Dubai, Dubai

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