Dubai: Back at Mythos, my favorite Greek restaurant

by Sanne
Mythos, Greek restaurant in Dubai

Tonight I’m dining at Mythos again, so probably about time to show you some of the photos, from my last dinner there. Mythos is like a licensed (allowed to serve alcohol), more affordable version of Eat Greek (another nice Greek restaurant down here), with an even better, more traditional, selection of meze.

The Greek salad is as good as it gets in Dubai, and it’s made with real Greek feta cheese, which is something, that I’ve learned to appreciate and not take for granted down here. I was very happy to see taramosalata (a dip made from fish roe) on the menu, because that’s one of the things I’ve missed over at Eat Greek.

The saganaki (fried cheese) is also worth ordering. Sprinkled with fresh lemon juice and eaten while still hot, it’s easily one of my Mythos favorites.

They charge 5AED per serving of pita bread, but I guess that’s necessary to keep the prices so consistently low as they are at Mythos, at least compared to the average Dubai standard.

Mythos – Greek dinner with the Swedish girls

Mythos, Armada BlueBay Hotel B1, Cluster P, JLT Dubai
>Visit Mythos’ website

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