Dubai: New Year’s Eve 2019 – The JBR fireworks

by Sanne

On New Year’s Eve we had dinner at JB’s Gastropub. The restaurant was just across the street from the beach on JBR, so a couple of minutes before 12, we walked over to watch the fireworks. Compared to the world-famous firework display Downtown at Burj Khalifa, the fireworks at JBR are of a more modest kind, but still an impressive sight.

The other times we have been celebrating New Year’s Eve in Dubai, we have either watched the fireworks from a balcony or on TV the following day. I really regret that now, because being on the beach together with thousands of other people, staring at a sky that explodes in light and color, is just an amazing feeling.

Our NYE package at JB’s Gastropub was valid until 1am, so when the fireworks had come to an end, we went back to the restaurant. The staff had kept the table for us, so we could sit down and make a toast to 2020, before we went back home.

I made a video of the fireworks, which you can watch below. It might not be the world’s most interesting video, but the fireworks are beautiful, don’t you think? I shot the video with my GoPro Black 7, which is my third GoPro camera, but to be honest, I am not really a GoPro girl. I think the cameras are difficult to control, and the battery life is too short, even with the newer versions. For my birthday I got an iPhone 11 Pro Max, so hopefully I can start making more and better videos with that one.

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