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Dubai: Night view of Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina night view from The Torch

So I was, walking around thinking that Poul and I had the nicest view of Dubai Marina. Turns out we don’t, but our friend Peter does.

Poul and I had been talking about visiting Peter for ages, so yesterday evening, we invited ourselves and the mutant cookies, I had baked earlier, over for coffee. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know what I’m talking about regarding the cookies. I wanted to turn plain vanilla cookies into triple-chocolate-chip-ones, but I didn’t get the flour-butter-chocolate ratios right, so the dough transformed into one giant, flat cookie in the oven. It tasted good, though, so I think I just need to add a little more flour next time.

I forgot my phone with Peter’s number and as we arrived at the building, where he lives, I had even forgotten the number of his apartment. Even though Peter’s building is only a short walk from where Poul and I live, I really didn’t feel like going back to get my phone, but fortunately, the receptionist was very friendly and helped us locate the right Peter on the right floor.

72 floors up is quite a lot, and for a while it felt like the elevator would just continue upward to orbit around the earth, but then it stopped, and we went out. Peter had made us coffee, but I was too busy taking in the wonderful view from his balcony. You can actually see the building Poul and I live in, in the pictures. It’s the round one to the right, and it looks so small! You can also see the coastline to the right and the big Sheikh Zayed Road, which runs through the city to the left. Isn’t it beautiful? I made a short movie, which you can watch below. Enjoy!

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