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Dubai: Otea – Bubble Tea and Hong Kong Egg Waffles at the metro station

by Sanne
Otea Cafe, bubble tea and egg waffles in Dubai

Earlier this month, I found a new bubble tea shop, Otea, at the Dubai Internet City metro station. While I was waiting for my tea, I talked to a lady from the staff and she told me that she was from Hong Kong, and that the owner was also from Hong Kong. Otea only recently opened, and in addition to bubble tea, you can also buy different kinds of sandwiches, pastries and egg waffles.

Since my first visit, I have ordered home delivery several times from Otea. The bubble tea is very nice, and has the perfect tapioca pearls, which are neither too soft nor too hard, but with a texture similar to that of gummy bears.

I like the brown sugar boba (Tiger Syrup Boba in the menu) the best, but there are many different flavors to choose among, and many options to customize your drink with add-ons such as cheese and different kinds of jelly. I like that Otea lets you decide how sweet you want your boba, because I usually find the standard level of sweetness at most places too sweet.

The cookies and the coconut buns taste homemade and get even better after heating them for a couple of minutes in the oven. The egg waffles are also nice and sweet and slightly chewy, just like egg waffles should be. They taste the best straight from the waffle maker, so that is one of the items I would recommend you get it you visit the shop.

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Otea is located at the ground level at exit 1 at Dubai Internet City Metro Station. The cafe offers home delivery on Talabat for the Dubai Marina area.

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