Dubai: Greek dinner at Elia

by Sanne
Elia, Greek restaurant in Dubai

Dubai Marina is a great place to live, but because you’ve got most of what you need within walking distance, it’s easy to forget that there’s also a Dubai beyond Mall of the Emirates. In the last couple of years, I’ve gradually become more and more lazy, when it comes to exploring the other areas in Dubai. When Hanna suggested that we met for dinner at the Greek restaurant Elia in Bur Dubai, I was therefore torn. Greek food? Yes! Sheikh Zayed Road rush hour traffic? No! In the end, the Greek food cravings took over, and Poul and I hit the road.

Elia is located in Mankhool, which is an area in Bur Dubai, close to Dubai Creek. It took us 45 minutes and a Jay-Z playlist to get there, but I’m happy to tell you that it was definitely worth the drive. The food was really nice, and the restaurant settings were gorgeous. It actually reminded me of Mythos (the Greek restaurant in JLT, which I love). The tables at the enclosed patio were the nicest, but smoking was allowed out there, so we opted for a table inside.

We ordered a couple of starters to share, and they were all tasty. I love the sharp, creamy taste of Greek feta, and the feta is the main reason why I always order Greek salad when I’m at a Greek restaurant. Though the feta at Elia was surprisingly mild, and tasted a bit like the Danish kind of “feta” made from cow’s milk. Elia pride themselves of being one of the few authentic Greek restaurants in Dubai, so I would be surprised if they had made such a substitution?

The Gemista (tomato and capsicum stuffed with rice) I had was good, but it was the desserts which really stole my heart. I had Loukoumades which are sweet dumplings similar to the Arabic Luqaimat. They’re fried in oil, so they’re crispy outside and soft inside. The Loukoumades at Elia were so good! I still regret that we didn’t order an extra portion to take home.

Elia, Majestic City Retreat Hotel – Al Mankhool Rd – Dubai 

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