Dubai: Luciano’s – Pizza and Pink Dessert

by Sanne
Luciano's, Italian restaurant, Dubai

On my parents’ last night in Dubai, we had talked about having dinner at the Chinese restaurant in our building, but when my parents saw the menu (and all the pictures of the exotic food), they got a bit overwhelmed and quickly convinced me that it would be a much better idea to try the Italian restaurant Luciano’s at Habtoor Grand instead.

I must admit that it was actually a very good call. Considering the fact that Luciano’s is located next to a swimming pool in the middle of a big hotel resort, it was a surprisingly cozy place with really nice food and excellent service.

My parents both had fish as a main course and I had a pizza with ham (from a pork, yippie!). The pizza was quite ok, but the fish completely stole the show. It looked beautiful on the plates and according to my parents, it was among the best food they’ve had during their visit in Dubai.

My dad managed to order a very pink dessert, which the waiters were initially convinced, was for me. I’m not sure whether it was because of the color or whether it was because I looked like someone who could really need (and eat) a giant pink macaron. After directing the pink plate to its true owner, my suspiciously looking dad, I was ready to enjoy the dessert I had ordered: A delicious tiramisu served in a cocktail glass.

We wanted to sit outside so my parent could enjoy their last moment of  al fresco dining for several months, but right after we were seated, it started to rain (!). It was the first time I have experienced rain in Dubai, and it was actually rather nice and refreshing. The dripping continued during the night and the early morning hours, but now it has stopped and things are back to normal again.

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