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Dubai: Sushi Art at JBR

by Sanne
Sushi Art, JBR, Dubai

Today I met with Nesli at Sushi Art on JBR. The initial plan was just to grab a cup of coffee, but Nesli was craving sushi, so we decided to change our plans to Sushi Art instead. I’ve walked by the place many times before, and it always seems to be full. Besides, Nesli had heard from a friend that it was supposed to be good. 

Nesli had the Calfornia Dream set with 4 different maki rolls. I had a maki roll with salmon and one with tuna, both spicy and tasty. Each roll consisted of 8 big pieces, and when I was full, there were still 3 pieces left on my plate, so even though 49AED for a roll seemed expensive, I think it was ok. While it might not be the kind of sushi that Jiro dreams of, I think it was nice for Dubai.

In two months, Nesli is moving away from Dubai, which I think is really sad. Nesli and her husband are among those of or friends in Dubai, which we have known for the longest time. We came to Dubai around the same time, and before Dubai, Poul and Nesli’s husband used to be colleagues in Turkey.

They are also the first of our friends to leave, and considering that Poul and I have been down here for almost 5 years, this is actually quite unusual. A lot of people only move to Dubai for a year or two, but apparently not our friends, they’re in it for the long run:)

Sushi Art Dubai Marina, JBR The Beach, Dubai

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