Dubai: Roast – A Danish Cafe in Dubai Marina

by Sanne
Roast, Danish Cafe, Dubai Marina

Roast has new owners and are running a different concept with a different menu now.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I cannot recall that there has ever been a Danish café or a Danish restaurant in Dubai. Instead, we had to make do with Swedish candy, pickled herring and ryebread mix from IKEA. Same, same but different.

So can you guess how happy I was to find out that there’s now a Danish café, Roast, in Dubai Marina? On the menu at Roast you find Drømmekage and Citronmåne, which are two classic Danish cakes of that kind that your grandma would make, but they also serve classic international café fare, croissants and different kinds of sandwiches. The coffee at Roast is very good, and their Salted Caramel Iced Latte is just the way I like it: Not too sweet, but creamy and delicious.

Roast is run by Tanja and Tariq, who decided to move to Dubai and open a café after a vacation down here. They both have extensive experience from the café business back in Denmark and it shows, both when it comes to the delicious food items on the menu, as well as the beverages. The shop itself has this cozy but chic Copenhagen feel and once you sit down, you just want to stay there for hours (which I think we did…sorry!:)

Roast is located in a quiet corner of Dubai Marina, a short walk from DMCC metro station. It’s hard to find the cafe online, but if you write “Roast Specialty Coffee” in GoogleMaps, it will lead you to the right location.

Roast, Jannah Marina Bay Suites, Dubai Marina

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