Saturday at Sonamu – Korean BBQ in Dubai

by Sanne
Sonamu, Korean restaurant in Dubai

In Dubai, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Pia and Peter, who are also adopted from Korea, and we try to get together once a month for Korean food. We used to get our kimchi fix at Sonamu, which is the Korean restaurant inside Asiana Hotel in Deira, but after a couple of underwhelming experiences about a year ago, we started going somewhere else.

It was sad to see how a place that I used to liked so much was losing it, but I moved on. It wasn’t until recently, that I started wondering how my once favorite Korean restaurant was doing, so I suggested to the others, that we went back to Sonamu for their Korean BBQ Night last Saturday.

Turns out the restaurant now has a new manager, and I’m so happy to tell you that everything is back to good old normal. You can choose between ribeye, sirloin and marinated, bulgogi-like meat which comes with lettuce and the usual condiments. After the meat you’ll have a choice of either hot or cold soup, and for dessert, there are 3 different, chocolate-centric options available. All the times I’ve been there, they’ve offered us one of each dessert, but if forced to choose, I would pick the lava cake.

220 AED (with alcohol) for all you can eat Korean BBQ, soup and dessert is a great deal, even with service charge and VAT on top of that, so Sonamu, you’re once again my first choice for Korean food in Dubai.

Sonamu, Mezzanine Floor, Asiana Hotel, Salahuddin Road, Deira, Dubai

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