Dubai: Sean Connolly (CLOSED) – Oysters, Cosmos and Women’s Day

by Sanne
Oysters at Sean Connolly, Dubai

Sean Connolly is now permanently closed

Thursday evening, I went to Sean Connolly to meet with Angela. Thursday was International Women’s Day, and at Sean Connolly they were celebrating this with complimentary oysters and Cosmopolitans. Since they were free, I had expected the oysters to be the tiny briny ones, but to my surprise, they were of that perfect medium-but-not-too-meaty kind that I prefer.

I’ve been to Sean Connolly before (also with Angela) and it’s such a wonderful place. It’s actually several restaurants and bars sharing the same floor on top of Dubai Opera, and it’s beautiful. The staff are really nice too. When there were 5 minutes left of the free Cosmo/oyster period, one of them came by our table and informed us that he had auto-ordered another round for us. Nice!

We also shared a potato pizza with anchovies and some soft shell crab sliders from the regular bar menu. Sometimes potato pizzas can be a bit bland, because potatoes don’t have a lot of flavor, but the anchovies made all the difference, and the thin, crispy crust further added to the plus side.

I’m not always a fan of soft shell crab, because sometimes the soft shell isn’t soft, but the deep-fried, battered crabs we had were very tasty and almost too good to share.

In the photos below, you can see Angela and her Cult Gaia Ark bag. I love that bag! In Dubai, it’s everywhere this season, including the Harvey Nichols SS18 Trunk show I attended the other day.

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