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Dubai: Seva Table – A plant-based oasis in Jumeirah

by Sanne
Eggless omelet at Seva Table, Dubai

The other day, I went for lunch at Seva Table, which is a plant-based cafe/yoga studio/meditation center in Jumeirah. Seva really feels like a quiet oasis in a city, which is otherwise known for running at 100mph, with a vibe not too different from that of Yoga Barn in Bali. At Seva, you can unwind and relax, while immersing yourself in yoga, meditation and healing, as well as delicious food that will make you feel good.

The food at Seva Table was delicious, and the homemade Love Potion hibiscus kombucha had a nice kick to it, which I think came from ginger or was it chili? On their website, they inform visitors that they only have a tiny kitchen and that the service might be slow, and yes, we did wait for quite a while for the food, but I enjoyed hanging out in the nice surroundings, and the wait did not really bother me.

Poul had the Mexicasian which is quinoa and other good stuff wrapped in nori, kind of like a big maki roll, and it was delicious. I often tend to over-order when dining at plant-based restaurants, as I am still in the process of learning to gauge how much food would be enough without animal protein. The eggless omelet at Seva, was more filling than what I had expected, so I had to get the almond butter toast to go. I ate it later as an afternoon snack, and it was really tasty. The oat bread tasted a bit like Danish rye bread, and was not too sweet, but a bit like the banana sandwiches my mom would made for my lunch box, when i was a kid.

Seva, Street 27B, Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 1, Dubai

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