Dubai: Seville’s 14th anniversary

by Sanne
Seville's, Spanish restaurant, Dubai

Saturday evening I was invited to Spanish restaurant Seville’s 14th anniversary. In this fast-paced city, competition is fierce and you’ll see restaurants open and close in the blink of an eye. Just the mere fact that a restaurant lives to see its 14th anniversary is therefore quite an achievement in Dubai and bears witness that they must certainly be doing something right.

Right after high school, I worked in Spain as a tourist rep, and during my 6 months at Costa del Sol, I gained 10kgs. I think that illustrated very well how much I love Spanish food. This was my first time at Seville’s, but many of my friends have been there before, and they’ve all praised the restaurant’s authentic Spanish cuisine and nice outdoor area. After having experienced this place myself, I can only agree.

During my 3 years in Dubai I think I’ve only met one or two persons from Spain, but here, on the lawn in front of Seville’s, I think there were more than 100. I wonder where they’re hiding, when not at Seville’s?

The party was held at the outdoor area in front of the restaurant, but it actually didn’t feel like you were at a restaurant, but more like at a garden party with your new Spanish friends. Live music, red and yellow balloons and happy Spanish faces all over the place. Those people really know how to throw a party.

Pork and beef was served straight from the grill and an enormous portion of paella was simmering in a gigantic frying pan. I tried a little of everything and I loved it all. This was the genuine taste of Spain as I remember it and I’m looking forward to visit Seville’s again soon. Pia, when are we going?

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Seville’s, 1st floor, Wafi Pyramids Bldg,Oud Metha District, Opposite Wafi Mall Main Entrance, Dubai

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