Dubai: Seville’s revisited

by Sanne
Seville's, Spanish restaurant in Dubai

Maybe you remember that I went to Sevilles 14th year anniversary celebration? It seemed like such a nice place, so I came back with Poul, one week later, to dine as ordinary, paying customers. I’m always excited to see how the restaurants perform, when the spotlight is off, and it’s just another regular evening. Sometimes I get hugely disappointed, but once in a while, the restaurant in question turns out to be just as awesome as you had hoped it would be.

I can already now reveal that Seville’s didn’t disappoint, even though the ambience was a lot different than at the anniversary celebration.

When Poul and I arrived, most of the tables outside were empty, which surprised me, as it was Friday night.

I usually don’t like dining in empty restaurants as it feels like the staff is watching your every move, and you get nervous that you might burb or fart, and everybody will hear. Tough at Seville’s, we had a table outside, so we didn’t really feel monitored. It was more like we were in our own garden, having dinner without having to prepare the food ourselves.

At the anniversary they served a really delicious, tomato-coated Ensaladilla Rusa (Spanish potato salad), and I had hoped to find it on the menu, but unfortunately, it wasn’t there. Poul and I only ordered tapas, but the menu also had different kinds of paella and other Spanish mains.

The Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes with aioli and red sauce) were nice and filling. The Manchego Croquetas were good, but lacked that bouncy chewiness of the ones served at the anniversary.

I’m going through an octopus-phase these days, so I’ll eat anything with eight arms, and the Pulpo a la Gallega was perfect. Slices of octopus on top of boiled potatoes sprinkled with Spanish paprika. I haven’t had that dish, since I lived in Spain almost 15 years ago, and it brought back lots of good memories of a time long gone.

The evening’s big surprise was the Presa Iberica en Adobo. I just ordered it, because I was curious, but this is one of the most delicious tapas, I’ve ever had. It’s a special cut of pork (I think it’s from the shoulder?) served as carpaccio in a really delicious Spanish adobo marinade, garnished with pearl onions. I’ve never had anything like that in Spain, and from what I understood it’s an in-house creation of Seville’s. If you go to Seville’s, you must try that dish.

The tapas servings were rather big and 4 tapas were more than enough for Poul and I to share. I wish that Seville’s would consider making smaller, less expensive tapas servings, so you would have both budget and stomach space for trying more tapas. The jamón Ibérico (Spanish cured ham) only came as a big platter, which was quite a shame. I usually always order jamòn Iberico when I’m eating tapas, but a big, 155AED platter seemed a little overkill. However, if you’re a party of 4 or more, I guess the portion sizes are good.

The service was impeccable and the staff was good at explaining the different dishes to us. Later on, more people arrived, but the restaurant never got more than half full, while we were there. At certain other places in Dubai, a quiet night would mean that you’d have staff hanging over your shoulder, filling up your glass whenever you take a sip, which can be a real pain. Though, at Seville’s we never felt bothered. The waiters were there, when we needed them, but without clinging to our backs, which I really appreciated. Seville’s is a good place (the best place?) for authentic Spanish food in Dubai and I’m sure that they’ll also be here 14 years more from now.

Seville’s, 1st floor, Wafi Pyramids Bldg,Oud Metha District, Opposite Wafi Mall Main Entrance, Dubai

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