Dubai: Shaggy at Cavalli Club – Mr. Boombastic

by Sanne
Shaggy at Cavalli Club, Dubai

My sister Trine is visiting Dubai now, on what might be one of the worst timed trips ever. Not only is it so hot outside that you’re drenched in sweat after only a few minutes on the balcony; Ramadan (the Muslims’ holy month) also commences in a couple of days.

During Ramadan most restaurants are closed during daytime, since fasting persons are not allowed to eat until after dark, and all others are not allowed to eat or drink in public. The nightlife is also a lot quieter during Ramadan, as most people prefer to spend the time with friends and family instead of hanging out on bars and clubs.

Friday evening was therefore the last chance to show Trine Dubai by night before the Ramadan, and we did not want to miss that chance. After a bit of Google acrobatics, we found out that Shaggy was performing at Cavalli Club. In the 90s and early 00s, Shaggy was hugely popular in Denmark and his hits were on most compilation CD’s, including the ones playing on repeat on my stereo. Watching him perform live would therefore be a nostalgia trip of dimensions.

Cavalli Club in Dubai is super exclusive, and if you are not a celebrity, there is no guarantee that you’ll get past those velvet ropes, even if you’re female and dressed to the nines. We therefore decided to go early to increase our chances, which turned out to be a good strategy as there was no queue at the time we arrived and we got in immediately.

It was 2am before Shaggy turned up, but we’d spent the waiting time drinking Corona beers, so when he started performing we were in full party-mode. One of the first songs was the smash hit “It wasn’t me” followed by a steady flow of classics including Boombastic, In the summertime, Angel, and even a sample of Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind, and we forgot all about the fact that we were in a posh nightclub and had a great time dancing and singing our hearts out. Shaggy: You still got it!

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Cavalli Club, Fairmont, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

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