Dubai: Skyland at Stella Di Mare

by Sanne
Skyland, Stella Di Mare, Dubai Marina

J and I live in the same building but for some reason we haven’t seen each other for more than two months. Not ok! So tonight, we decided to go out for a drinks, no excuses, no change of plans. J had heard about a rooftop bar at Millennium Place and I knew which one she was talking about, as I had been to the opening party of Millennium Place last year.

Though at the front desk they told us that the bar already closed at 7:30pm which was a little too early for us, so we went to Stella di Mare a little further down the road instead. Stella di Mare is another new hotel in Dubai Marina, and they have a bar, Skyland, on the 31st floor that we were both curious about.

Skyland was completely empty when we arrived, but it was fine with us as our mission that night was to catch up and enjoy the view. During happy hour you get two cocktails for 60AED so we had each our coconut concoction as well as a platter with different kinds of snacks to share. The staff were really sweet, and both the bartender and the chef came to our table and asked what we thought about the food and the cocktails. The staff also let us substitute the tuna roll for the tuna/crispy rice, which was much nicer than I could imagine the regular tuna roll to be. Next time, I think I will order the tuna/crispy rice as a main course.

It was great to see J again and we came up with a really fun idea that I am looking forward to telling you more about later.

Skyland, Stella Di Mare, Dubai Marina, Dubai

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