Dubai: The Social Club at Marina Social

by Sanne
Marina Social, Dubai Marina

Tuesday, we had dinner at Marina Social at InterContinental Dubai Marina. On Mondays and Tuesdays, they have a special menu, the Social Club, from which you can pick 3 courses for 215AED including unlimited soft beverages (350AED with alcohol). Very reasonable for Dubai. From the terrace, you have a nice view of the marina, so even though there were a couple of noisy Christmas parties out there, we opted for an outdoor table.

First, we had a selection of snacks consisting of focaccia-style bread, churros and arancini (a kind of fried risotto balls) with two different dips. I liked the arancini, but as for churros, I prefer them for dessert, dipped in chocolate:)

You never go wrong with beef tartare, and even though the beef could have been leaner, the final result, mixed with different condiments, was very tasty. Nice detail that the tartare was mixed at the table by the staff.

Being Faroese, Poul is very picky when it comes to salmon. It takes a lot to impress him, and the smoked salmon with avocado puree and salted cucumber didn’t win him over. I guess I’m more easily wowed, because I liked it a lot.

I had chargrilled tiger prawns, garlic butter with pak choi and lemongrass broth as a main course.  I didn’t like the broth, but the prawns were delicious and very big. Poul’s chargrilled flank steak with mushroom ketchup was simple, but nice and Poul was pleased.

After the mains, the staff brought us ice cream cones. I had seen them arriving at other tables, but I was nevertheless super excited to get one myself. What a nice surprise.

The Greek yogurt mousse was light and delicate with a flattering tartness, and just what I was craving. The chocolate mousses we had in Zürich this summer kind of ruined it for all future chocolate mousses, which isn’t really fair, because the chocolate mousse at Marina Social was actually nice.

Marina Social, Intercontinental Dubai Marina, Dubai Marina, Dubai, Tel: +971 (0) 4446 6664

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