Dubai: Splendido at the Ritz-Carlton – Italian with the Koreans

by Sanne
Pasta at Splendido, the Ritz-Carlton Dubai

When I get together with Pia and Peter, we usually meet for Korean food at one of Dubai’s many Korean restaurants, but this time I got to pick the place, and I was craving pasta. I therefore suggested that we met at Splendido which is really nice Italian restaurant at the Ritz Carlton over at JBR.

The pizza and pasta dishes at Splendido are really good, and they have a special Aperitivo offer between 5:30pm and 7pm that includes a cocktail and a selection of small bites for only 55AED. We arrived just in time for the Aperitivo offer, so we had the Aperitivo snacks as a starter and each our pasta dish as a main course. Pia and I shared a cheese platter for dessert, which I of course regretted, when the tiramisu that Peter had ordered arrived. Lucky for me, he could only finish half, so I got to taste it too:)

It was good to catch up with the Koreans again, and hear about all the exciting things that are happening to all of us these days. Pia and I have been talking about a project we want to do together, but this month I am busy with my online shop and the women in Cambodia, so it might not be until later this fall that we can start working on it. It is always inspiring to meet people who dare to dream big and aren’t afraid to put themselves out there, and Peter and Pia are both of that kind. Hanging out with them is like swallowing a giant vitamin pill and I always feel inspired and encouraged afterwards.

Splendido, The Ritz-Carlton, The Walk JBR, Dubai

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