Dubai: Stopping by Boa

by Sanne
Boa nightclub in W Dubai

We were actually on our way back home, but in the taxi, we managed to talk each other into stopping by Boa, which is a new nightclub on the 33rd floor in W Dubai. The general admission line outside was long, so we tried our luck at the much shorter VIP/Guest List line. Luckily, it went smoothly with no questions asked, and a couple of minutes later, we were on our way up in the elevator, together with a guy who looked exactly like Drake. I think he must have heard that before, but he seemed happy to hear it again from us.

That night DJ Bliss was playing, so the soundtrack was an eclectic mix of old rap classics and new tracks with hit potential. Sweet music to my ears. DJ Bliss is also an artist himself, and a couple of years back, he released the single Shining, which became quite a hit in Dubai. It’s a great song and it really captures the spirit of the city.

I liked the layout of the club, with the stage, the bar and the dancefloor in the middle. There’s also a semi-outdoor lounge area, where you can sit down and chill with a shisha, while admiring the view of the Dubai Canal. That is, if you manage to find a vacant table.

Compared to other big clubs in Dubai, Boa felt slightly less glam and slightly more hip. The vibe was European and the club seemed less pretentious than many of the other places I’ve been to. Though it’s still Dubai, so when I say people at Boa dress smart casual, it’s with emphasis on smart.

It’s so seldom that I see Line and Maria, so it was one of those nights, where you just swipe your card without looking at the price. I’m therefore not of much help, when it comes to drink prices, but I would assume that they’re in line with the usual going rate at that kind of venues in Dubai, which is around 100AED/drink.

Boa, W Hotel, Al Habtoor City, Dubai