Dubai: The new ladies’ night at Matto

by Sanne
Bruchetta at Matto, Dubai
I was invited to the ladies’ night launch at Matto and I did not pay for food and drinks

Yesterday, I was invited to the launch of the new ladies’ night at the Italian restaurant Matto. We started with a round of Aperol, that came with pasta straws and a friendly advice not to eat the straw:) No need to either, as small plates soon started arriving at our table.

We had a lentil salad, carpaccio, bruschetta and a huge pile of pizzas. The pizzas were very good, and of the standard you would expect from a nice Italian restaurant, but I would have liked to try their pasta too, as this is the other kind of make-or-break dishes that would determine whether I would go back to an Italian restaurant or not. Pasta is on their new ladies’ night menu, and so is tiramisu and gelato, which we also did not get to taste.

It is thus difficult to say whether the new ladies’ night at Matto is a yay or a nay. The food we had was good, but we only tried a small fraction of what would be the regular ladies’ night menu. Since most of the other guests that night were media or bloggers, I also did not get an impression of what the vibe of the place would be like on a typical night. However, the staff was nice, the place was stylish and new friend N, who could not make it yesterday, told me that she had been to Matto before and it was great, so chances are the new ladies’ night will also be great. If you go, maybe you can let me know how it was?

Yesterday I went with I went with J from OccasionalHousewife and the Danish food blogger Mille from Madmille and now when I am writing this, I can see that Mille’s blogger name probably requires an explanation:) In Danish, mad means food, so Mille is not mad, only mad about food, ha ha. I also bumped into Ritu from Ritu’s Fuss Free Cooking and Nenu from Food Kissed, -two food blogger veterans in Dubai. In the early blogging days, we were in the same Facebook group for food and restaurant bloggers, and we would go to the same events and meet the same people. Gosh how I miss those good old days:)

Matto Belles, the new Ladies’ Night at Matto, is every Wednesday from 7pm-10pm. For 180AED you get a three-course menu and bottomless drinks.

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