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Dubai: The Soul Santé vegan meal plan

by Sanne

So I signed up for the meal plan at Soul Santé, and every day at 9am, a guy comes by with the three vegan meals for the day. During the week I would usually just eat yogurt and granola for breakfast, but with the meal plan I get all sorts of nice breakfast dishes that I would never bother to cook myself, such as the super-delicious pancakes with banana and coconut that I had on the first day. This morning I had avocado toast, and for lunch I ate one of the jackfruit tacos (the same kind of tacos that I had last week in the restaurant) and half of the grilled peach salad and saved the other half for dinner tonight.

I am already in love with the concept of having food delivered to my doorstep, and it is awesome not having to think of what to cook for dinner. As much as I enjoy cooking, these days I struggle to find the time to cook a proper meal. Furthermore, when you are only cooking for 1-2 persons, it is difficult to avoid food waste, if you want to eat a varied, healthy diet with fresh vegetables and herbs.

I always make a mess when I am cooking so it often takes an hour or more for me to cook dinner and clean up afterwards.  In addition to that comes the time I spend on looking up recipes and doing grocery shopping, so after starting the meal plan, I suddenly have 1-2 hours extra on my hands each day.

I initially booked the meal plan from Soul Santé for five days, and for 100AED a day, I think it is one of the cheapest vegan meal plan in Dubai. Though I am thinking that in the long run I might get tired of just eating from one restaurant, so I have also been checking out the vegetarian meal plan from Kcal, and I am considering ordering that one next week for variation. How do you feel about meal plans? Is it something you would consider?

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