Dubai: A fishing trip (yes, I got seasick)

by Sanne
Fishing trip, Dubai

I easily get seasick so guess how enthusiastic I was, when AC and my sister suggested that we went on a boat trip the other day? Not so much..

Last time I was on a boat was on the Faroe Islands and the sea was so rough, I remember myself thinking that if I leaned over the railing and puked, the whole mess would probably be blown back in my face (sorry, too much information). So I didn’t puke, but I promised myself that I wouldn’t voluntarily put my feet on a boat again, for a very long time.

Though, everybody else was keen to go on that trip, s and after a while decided to take one for the team and convinced myself that the smooth sea down here wouldn’t mess up my vestibular system. Some of Poul’s friends also wanted to join, so we were 6 persons in total heading out to sea. Beverages were included but we were supposed to bring our own food, so we stopped by McDonald’s and bought each our Big Mac meal. I know, not very back-to-nature-ish but hey, we’re in Dubai!

The boat departed from the fishing harbor in Umm Suqeim and the captain was waiting for us near the entrance. For the first 20 minutes, I was quite ok and busy enjoying the view and snapping photos of the Dubai skyline from all possible angles, but then the boat stopped, so we could start fishing and sparked by the slow, rolling movements of the boat, the seasickness hit me like a sledgehammer.

I couldn’t sit, nor stand, and only when I was lying down, completely still, it became barely tolerable. I therefore spent the afternoon feeling sorry for myself from my spot under a beach towel at the bottom of the boat, while the others were dragging in one fish after another, drinking beer and having a great time.

When our 4 hours were up, and we returned to the harbor, I got back to life again. What a great feeling to be on solid ground! Note to self: There’s a reason why I wasn’t born with web and gills…

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