Dubai: Vegan burgers at Bareburger – Bye bye to beef

by Sanne

Yesterday we ordered home delivery from Bareburger which is a New York burger chain that has become widely popular in Dubai. We wanted to try their vegan burgers which are supposed to be really good, and after browsing the menu for a while (there are eight different vegan burgers to choose among), we decided on the Duchess and the Golden State.

It did not take long before our burgers arrived, and they looked great. “They look like real burgers” was Poul’s first comment, his voice filled with equal parts of delight and surprise. My burger, The Duchess, had Portobello “bacon” and caramelized onions, and it tasted like a Danish “bøfsandwich” (and that’s a good thing), while Poul’s burger, the Golden State, tasted like an In-N-Out burger on a good day.

After the first bite we both gave the burgers a suspicious look, because they were just too good to be true. Had Bareburger by mistake switched our vegan orders with some of their bison (!) burgers (they also have bison on the menu)? I called Bareburger and asked what kind of patties they were using for the Duchess and the Golden State, because maybe, there was a typo in the menu? They assured me that it was Beyond Meat burgers for all their vegan burgers in Dubai.

I am deeply impressed with how you can make something that is not meat taste so much like meat. If we had not already known, there would be no way for us to guess that those burgers were vegan. Previously, when I have had vegan burgers, they have been nice… for a vegan burger but to be honest,  I have not seen them as real substitutes for beef burgers, because they did not taste like beef. With the Beyond Meat burgers from Bareburger it is different, because those burgers taste better than most beef burgers around. They are not just good for a vegan burger. No! They play in the big burger league, head-to-head with beef/bison/chicken/whatever burgers, and they kick some serious burger a**. As long as there is Bareburger, it is bye bye to beef burgers for me.

Bareburger, The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

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