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Dubai: We are moving (again)!

by Sanne

We have been looking for something bigger for a while, and right now, the prices to rent in Dubai are at an all-time low, so when our lease was about to expire, we decided not to extend. Moving has almost become an annual ritual for us, and during our 8 years in Dubai, we have been living in 6 different apartments. In Dubai you sign a lease for one year at a time, and you typically pay the entire amount all at once, or with two cheques, each with 50 percent of the amount.

We have previously rented an apartment in the building we are now moving to, so we are staying in the same part of the Marina. We got the keys for the new place a couple of days ago, so we went over with our MacBooks and other important stuff that we wanted to carry ourselves. For the rest of the moving, we hired EasyTrucks, which is a moving company that we have been using ever since we first found them at our Dubai move no. 2. They are really good, and they always send an entire army of movers, so everything goes really fast and smooth. It is cheap to move in Dubai, and 2000-3000AED will get you a truck full of movers who will pack your stuff, move it and unpack everything again.

The living room in the new apartment is facing the street, and right on the opposite side, there is a 7-Eleven which has just gone out of business. You have no idea how addictive it can be to sit and watch how frustrated people get, when they go there only to realize that the shop is permanently closed. Though today they moved the signs from the storefront, so I guess we will have to find another hobby, ha ha.

Gift from 800 Pizza: While we were moving, the doorbell rang. I opened, and outside was a guy from 800 Pizza! Just what we needed! Because to me, moving = pizza. 800 Pizza is a homegrown pizza chain founded by an Italian guy from Rome, and the pizzas are really good. I always order the truffle pizza, which is vegetarian and really tasty. Thank you 800 Pizza for this very nice surprise!

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