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Dubai: We’re back! – Korean BBQ Night at Sonamu

Korean BBQ at Sonamu, Dubai

We are a mixed group of Koreans (adopted and “real” ones + J from Lebanon), who meet for Korean food on a regular basis, and the other day we went to the Korean BBQ night at Sonamu.

It’s been almost 9 years since the first time I visited Sonamu, and I love that place. Even though the restaurant is located in Deira (= impossible traffic around dinner time), this is where I prefer to go for Korean food in Dubai. The Korean BBQ Set Menu includes appetizer, barbecue, soup and dessert so there is no risk of leaving hungry.

They have changed the dishes included in the menu quite a bit recently, so the other day, we had seared salmon, fried tofu and twigim (Korean tempura) for appetizers, before the table grill was turned on. We had asked for one of the Asian-style tables, which feels as if you are sitting on the floor, but there is room for your legs under the table, so it is not uncomfortable at all. Shinae (our real Korean) was the grill master and made sure that the meat was cooked perfectly. The best cuts for Korean bbq are those with a lot of fat such as ribeye. The meat should just be on the grill for a few minutes, and then eaten right away, while it is still juicy and hot. If you do not want to handle the barbecue yourself, just ask the staff to assist you.

For dessert we had the good old Chocolate Volcano cake, which has been a part of the bbq set menu ever since my first visit. If you ask nicely, the staff will offer you a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side, and you will say yes, – it makes the cake taste even better 🙂

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