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Dubai: Yueshan Fang/Coco Cantonese – Dim sum in International City

Dubai: Yueshan Fang/Coco Cantonese – Dim sum in International City

Yesterday, I was back in International City, and this time I wanted to check out a Chinese restaurant, which is called Coco Cuisine on GoogleMaps and was supposed to be located in the middle of a park between some residential buildings, but which turned out to be named Yueshan Fang on the store front, and located in building D-08 in China Cluster.

Coco/Yueshan Fang serves Cantonese food, so I had cheungfun, which is a rice noodle tube with different kinds of filling, and youtiao, which are fried dough sticks that I have previously tasted in Hong Kong. I also had duck with rice but I had forgotten, that at more casual places in Asia, duck and chicken are just chopped into pieces without removing the bones first, and this was also the case at Yueshan Fang, so even though the duck wast juicy and delicious, it was very difficult to eat because of all the small bone bits in the meat.

At Yueshan Fang, the turnip cake is called “carrot cake”, but it was the right kind, and it tasted really good. For dessert, I had egg tarts, which are small tarts with an egg custard filling that I sometimes love, and sometimes find too eggy. This particular day, it was just right.

Yueshan Fang is a rather casual restaurant with many regular customers, and the food is not quite as sophisticated as what you’ll be served at, say, Long Teng. Though considering the low price (everything I had was just around 100AED in total and would have been enough food for 2-3 persons), so if you want cheap dim sum in International City, Yueshan Fang is still worth considering.

Of course, there was way too much food for me, so after tasting a little bit of everything, I got it to go, and had it for lunch and dinner today:)

Yueshan Fang/ Coco Cantonese, China Cluster Building D-08, International City, Dubai

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