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Elotes – Mexican grilled corn

by Sanne
Elotes, Mexican Grilled Corn

While the barbecue season is over in Denmark, it is just getting started in Dubai, and I think I have found my favorite this season: Elotes, Mexican grilled corn. I got the recipe from Alejandra from Lemony MX and it is delicious.

I sometimes make the corn for lunch (two corn ears are perfect for a light lunch), but they are also great for serving as an appetizer or side dish.

The corn is made with mayonnaise and butter, and while it might sound a bit over the top, that combo is absolutely amazing. Remember to use real mayonnaise, as it will melt and blend with the butter (Miracle Whip and other sandwich spreads won’t), drenching the corn in this creamy, buttery goodness.

You can find the Elotes Mexican Corn Recipe on Fair Fashionista Blog >>

Elotes, Mexican Grilled Corn

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