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Hungry Bird Eats – Flying through stormy skies

by Sanne

Do you remember my friend Tina and her company Hungry Bird Eats? It was just starting to really take off before covid-19 and I was so happy for her. She has been working really hard for this, and I cannot count the times she has been skipping a night out, so she could get up early in the morning and make the first batch of Nordic crisps before sunrise. Or all the weekends she has spent at local markets promoting her products, talking to customers and networking with other entrepreneurs.  

And people believe in Tina. Last year, she raised money for a new oven through Kiva, and a few months back, I was in her living room, when she finally received that first positive response from one of the really big fish out there, regarding shelf space for her products.

The Nordic crisps are amazing (just ask my mom), and I am sure that Tina and the Hungry Bird will pull through and come out even stronger on the other side. The other day, we were talking about how she navigates this new and challenging environment and I thought I would share some of the key points with you:

How has covid-19 affected your business?

Tina: A lot of events have been cancelled, which is a real shame, as they would have been great opportunities to get my brand in front of potential customers and get featured in press releases. It has also been hard to get my product into new stores, because the stores have been busy working on shifting their own business into a more online-focused approach. On the other hand, the shift towards more online shopping has been good for my own online store, and I have seen an increase in sales through my own channels. I guess people are bored at home:)

How can you keep the costs down?

Tina: Everybody is at home, using wifi instead of mobile data, so you can ask your phone company for lower rates. I also asked the company that collects garbage, if they could come every second week instead of every week, which they agreed to, and that saved me some money. The rent for the building where I have my production and storage facilities has also been lowered, which helps a lot.

What is your best advice to get more sales?

Tina: I have chosen to invest more time in my online presence and social media channels. These days, it is all about online shopping, so make the best out of it and put some effort in building your website and online presence.  

 I work hard on my branding, and I reach out to everybody who might want to collaborate with me, which has definitely helped generate sales. I was recently in a collaboration with a couple of other food entrepreneurs to sell care packages with our products, and it really paid off. Newsletters have also been helpful. Don’t be afraid to ask for support and reach out to everyone who can help promote your company.

Advertisement: You can buy Nordic crisps online at the Hungry Bird Eats shop and at Fair Fashionista Shop. They taste amazing on their own, but even better with a nice dip, such as my super easy feta cheese dip that everybody loves🙂

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