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Hong Kong: ¿Qué pedir en Tim Ho Wan?

by Sanne
BBQ Pork Buns at Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong

Hace un par de años, estaban lloviendo estrellas Michelin por todos los restaurantes de Tim Ho Wan en Hong Kong y comensales de países lejanos hacían fila afuera de las fondas para probar lo que pronto sería conocido como la comida más barata del mundo con estrellas Michelin. Hoy (2020) solo uno de los restaurantes Tim Ho Wan (el que está en Sham Shui Po) ha logrado mantener su estrella, pero Tim Ho Wan todavía es un lugar popular para ir por un dim sum asequible en Hong Kong.

Visité el restaurante Tim Ho Wan en Sham Shui Po por primera vez en 2014, cuando estaba en Hong Kong con AC, y no nos impresionamos. La comida estuvo buena, pero nosotras esperábamos más de un lugar con una estrella Michelin. Comencé a preguntarme si había algo malo con nosotras, pero después de hablar con otros turistas que habían estado en Tim Ho Wan, me di cuenta que no éramos las únicas que estábamos decepcionadas de la experiencia.

No obstante, no estaba lista para rendirme, así que les pregunté a unos amigos, que son verdaderamente fanáticos de Tim Ho Wan y más versados en el mundo del dim sum que yo, si ellos podrían ayudarme. En mi segunda visita a Tim Ho Wan, en lugar de pedir a ciegas, hice una lista con los platos que iba a probar, y finalmente comencé a ver lo que la guía Michelin había visto en Tim Ho Wan. Desde entonces, Tim Ho Wan ha sido un lugar al que siempre regreso, ya sea que esté en Hong Kong o en otra ciudad asiática con una sucursal de Tim Ho Wan.

Siempre pido los mismos tres platos, y creo que los voy a compartir con ustedes. Estos son los tres platos que creo que preparan excepcionalmente bien, y creo que a la mayoría de ustedes les va a gustar. El cuarto plato, Dumplings de Cerdo en Salsa Picante es un nuevo plato que he visto en el menú las últimas dos veces que he estado en el Tim Ho Wan de Bangkok.

BBQ Pork Buns at Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong
Baked BBQ Pork Buns

Baked BBQ Pork Buns

This is what everybody is talking about! Din Tai Fung might have soup dumplings, but Tim Ho Wan have Baked BBQ Pork Buns, and when it comes to dim sum celebrity status, they are playing in the same league. The baked buns are crispy outside and crumbles, when you bite them, and sink your teeth into the filling of sweet and sticky  BBQ pork. The buns are serves three at a time, and they are rather filling, so don’t eat all of them if you want to try other things too. They travel quite well and survived half a day in my handbag without any problems.

Pan fried green pepper with minced fish

Pan fried green pepper filled with minced fish

This is another dish that I just can’t stop eating. The green pepper makes the filling of pork and fish even more juicy and flavorful. The peppers are served piping hot, and I always burn my tongue on the first bite, because I don’t have the patience to wait until they have cooled off.

Cheong fan, vermicelli rolls, at Tim Ho Wan
Char siu cheong (BBQ Pork Rice Noodle Roll)

Char Siu Cheong (BBQ Pork Rice Noodle Roll)  and Har Cheong (Shrimp Rice Noodle Roll)

Cheungfan  (vermicelli/rice noodle roll) is one of my all-time dim sum favorites, and it does not get much better than at Tim Ho Wan. The rolls are silky-soft and tender, and they are served in a light soy-based sauce. There are several different kinds to choose among, but my favorites are the ones with BBQ pork and the ones with shrimp. Many locals prefer the cheungfan with pork liver, but I still haven’t dared to try that one.

Pork dumplings in hot and spicy sauce, Tim Ho Wan
Pork dumplings in hot & spicy sauce

Pork Dumplings in Hot & Spicy Sauce

The pork dumplings are served in a delicious spicy sauce, which is so good, you want to lick your plate. At Tim Ho Wan in Bangkok they said it was a seasonal dish, but I can see that the dumplings have now been added to the online menu, so let’s hope they are here to stay.

Har gow at Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong
Har Gow

Still hungry?

Then you can always order a round of shiu mai (dumplings with a mix of pork and prawns) or har gow (dumplings with prawns), which are nice but not memorable in the same way as the dishes I have mentioned above. I have also heard that the Ma Lai Go (steamed sponge cake) is supposed to be very good, but I have not tried it yet myself.  

I did not like the turnip cake that everybody is raving about, and the chicken feet and congee was not for me either.

There are several Tim Ho Wan branches in Hong Kong (and abroad), but here is the address to the branch in Sham Shui Po (the only one with a Michelin Star in 2020):

Tim Ho Wan, 9-11 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Shiu Mai at Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong
Shiu Mai

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