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Faroe Islands: Dinner at Katrina Christiansen in Tórshavn

by Sanne
Dinner at Katrina Christiansen, Faroese tapas restaurant in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands Blog

Since we could not get to Svínoy due to the weather the other day, we decided to go out for dinner in Tórshavn. We had hoped to get a table at our old favorite Barbara, but unfortunately, they were fully booked that night, and the same turned out to be the case for most of the restaurants on our list. Eventually, we ended up at Katrina Christiansen, which is a Faroese tapas restaurant serving tapas-style small plates. I have dined at Katrina Christiansen before, and I really liked the food there, so I did not mind going there again. We saw on their website that they had a tasting menu with either 5 or 7 dishes, and that was what we thought we would order. It turned out, however, that the dishes included in the tasting menu were just a selection of what was on the regular menu, and that most of the dishes were without the fish and seafood, we were longing for.

The menu also appeared somewhat limited compared to what I remembered from my previous visit. The restaurant recommends ordering 4-5 dishes per. person, but we could not find more than four dishes in total that we felt like ordering. We considered just getting two of each dish, so we would have enough food for a full meal, but decided instead to go for dessert as walk-ins at another restaurant.

Here is what we ordered:

The seafood platter: In the Faroe Islands, you can never go wrong with fresh seafood. Langoustines, Faroese crab and beautiful pink prawns – this was delicious.

Croquettes with fermented fish: A little dry, and without the sharpness I had expected (and feared?), the croquettes were served with garnatálg, which is a clear sauce made from melted lamb tallow and the fat around the intestines of the lamb.

Bacalao with a marinade of grapefruit: This was my favorite that night. The salty, sour and bitter flavors worked excellent together.

Baked celery with lemon cream and pine nuts: A surprisingly delicious dish that I immediately thought I would want to recreate at home in my own kitchen.

The food we had at Katrina Christiansen was delicious, and I somewhat regret that we did not just order two of each dish, as that would have made a nice dinner for two. Our plan to go somewhere else for dessert was a big mistake, because none of the restaurants in Tórshavn had any availability for walk-ins that night, so we ended up heading back home, eating lots of candy in front of the TV instead:)

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