Faroe Islands: Feeding the Sheep

by Sanne

On Svínoy, it feels like time is standing still, and you have every opportunity to relax and recharge. Though it usually takes me a couple of days before I am able to fully wind down. When you’re used to the constant buzzing background noise of a big city, complete silence can actually feel slightly intimidating. When I wake up here in the Faroe Islands, I something wonder if I have turned deaf, because it is so quiet.

If you turn off the tv and the radio, the only thing you’ll hear is the sheep baaing. That baaing will continue until mid-May, when the sheep leave the village to spend the summer in the mountains. Their mountain vacation lasts until the beginning of October, when the weather gets colder, and the sheep are brought back to the village again.

When the sheep are in the village, they are fed twice a day, and since Poul arrived a couple of weeks ago, he had been in charge the feeding. They now recognize Poul, aka The Man in the Blue Coverall, from a long distance, and they’ll come running and baaing when they see him.

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