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Faroe Islands: Gómagott – A cute cafe in Tórshavn

by Sanne
Gómagott, cafe in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands Blog

Gómagott is a Faroese chocolatier, known for extraordinarily delicious handmade chocolates, but there is also a Gómagott cafe in Tórshavn, serving cakes, patries and, of course, hot chocolate. The cafe is located right next to a pharmacy (they share the same entrance from the street), and it does smell a bit like a dentist’s waiting room right when you enter, but have a seat at one of the tables in the pastel colored cafe, and let the tempting sweetness of the cakes and cookies help you forget everything about dentists and the like.

There are so much delicious stuff behind the counter’s glass display, so be prepared for some serious cake and chocolate FOMO. It was a difficult choice, but at the end, I ordered a slice of cake with whipped cream and caramel that seemed similar to one of the cakes that my sister-in-law use to make. It turned out to be really good (almost as good as SIL’s). Polle had a slice of cheesecake, because you never go wrong with cheesecake. That’s a universal rule, and we can say for sure that it is also valid in Tórshavn.

Gómagott is known for good chocolate, so I knew that I wanted to try a cup of hot chocolate, but there were many different kinds to choose among. I asked the girl behind the counter for advice and she suggested that I tried the one with licorice and marshmallows, which was her favorite. It was a great choice. In case you wonder, chocolate and licorice are delicious together, not just the Bülow-style balls, but also licorice-flavored hot chocolate. If you are in Tórshavn, try the one at Gómagott:)

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