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Faroe Islands: Lunch at Bitin in Tórshavn

by Sanne
Lunch at Bitin in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands Blog

The original plan was to travel to Svínoy after one night in Tórshavn, but Polle’s mom called in the morning on the day we were supposed to travel, and asked us to wait another day. It was really windy up north, and she could not bear the thought of us, being out on that ferry in the rough sea, so we booked two seats on the helicopter on Wednesday instead.

We had a lovely day in Tórshavn, where we had lunch at a new sandwich café called Bitin. I got a large bowl of unpeeled shrimp, which was more than enough for two DIY shrimp sandwiches after peeling. I also hade an open-faced sandwich with mackerel and tarragon mayonnaise, while Polle had a sandwich with fried haddock and shrimp topped with a big blob of salmon mousse. Polle’s sandwich was a bit to the heavy side and had a somewhat clumsy appearance, and I don’t think, we would order that again, but the shrimp and the mackerel sandwiches were both really delicious and definitely something I would recommend you try, if you come by Bitin in Tórshavn.

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