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Faroe Islands: Merry Christmas from Tórshavn

by Sanne
Christmas, Faroe islands

This year was my first time to celebrate Christmas in the Faroe Islands, and what a Christmas! The weather has been bad ever since we arrived, but the 23rd of December it culminated with gusts up to 150knots. The strong winds caused a was a power outage for hours, so lit some candle lights and spent the evening listening to the news from a battery-driven radio.

On Christmas Eve, the eye of the hurricane passed over the Islands, so we had a relatively quiet evening. For lunch, Poul’s brother made us some delicious sandwiches with Faroese salmon (the best in the world!). In the evening, we had duck, goose and caramelized potatoes, which is similar to what we eat for Christmas in Denmark. We also had risalamande, which is a kind of rice pudding, with almonds. There’s one whole almond in the bowl, and the one who gets it, gets the almond prize. Last night Poul got the almond and won a box of chocolate.

I’ve caught a cold, so I’m spending most of the time wrapped in the wool plaid I got as a Christmas gift from Poul’s family. My usual strategy to cope with cold is to sleep it off, and while I don’t have any problems sleeping, the cold just won’t go away.

Today we woke up to yet another stormy day, and once again we were without electricity for a couple of hours. It seems like the wind has calmed down a bit, but apparently, a series of hurricanes will be passing the Faroe Islands in the week to come. To get an idea of how bad the weather is up here, I’ve made a video in which you can see the ferry between Nólsoy and Tórshavn in rough sea. It seems like a very uncomfortable ride, but the ferry made it safely to the harbor and even went for a second round before they cancelled the service for the day due to the weather. Right now, all ferry service between the islands are cancelled.

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