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Faroe Islands: Sisu in the sun

by Sanne
Svínoy, Faroe Islands

After a couple of days with heavy fog, it suddenly cleared up this afternoon, and we could finally go out and enjoy the fresh North Atlantic air. This time of the year, the people on Svínoy are busy harvesting to ensure that the sheep has something to chew on during the winter. Poul has thus been out in the fields helping his mom and his uncle the last couple of days, and he’s got a big blister on his hand as a souvenir to remind him of his efforts.

There are two small docks on Svínoy. They are located on each side of the narrowest part of the island, and there’s only a short walk to both of them from Poul’s mom’s house, and the last couple of days, we have spent many hours down by the sea, eating chocolate bars and drinking Sisu (Faroese lemon soda) in the sun. Yesterday some beautiful old boats have been dragged out on the small street leading to the Northwestern dock on Svínoy. They will be brought to Tórshavn (the capital of the Faroe Islands) for the Ólavsøka (the national holiday of the Faroe Islands) this Sunday, where they will be part of a boat parade.

Poul and I are also going to Tórshavn to join the festivities. We are leaving tomorrow and we’ll be spending 3 days in Tórshavn. Svínoy has been extremely quiet and peaceful, so Tórshavn will probably be a rather noisy encounter, but I’m really looking forward to experience Ólavsøka. I just hope that those rain clouds in the horizon find another track.

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