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Faroe Islands – The helicopter trip to Svínoy

Helicopter ride to Svínoy, Faroe Islands Blog
Mjóvanes aka The Crocodile

We went by helicopter to Svínoy, and it was a perfect day for flying with beautiful weather and amazing views. Helicopter service between the islands is handled by Atlantic Airways’ helicopter division, and the tickets are heavily subsidized (only DKK 215 for a one way trip). If you go by bus and ferry, the price ends up being roughly the same, and the trip takes many hours, as there is often waiting time since the bus and ferry departures are not always synced.

There has been a lot of debate in the Faroe Islands about the cheap helicopter tickets, because during the tourist season many tour organizers purchases all the tickets, only to resell them to tourists as part of expensive excursion packages. This means that it is often difficult for locals to find available tickets when they need to travel, and that many departures are seemingly fully booked, but departs with empty seats, because the tour organizers have not been able to resell the seats.

I can only imagine how annoying that must be to the Faroese. The helicopter routes are part of the Faroe Islands’ infrastructure, and not a cheap sightseeing service for tourists. Maybe they could demand that only locals and people visiting family should be able to buy the tickets? Or start another helicopter service with tickets sold at market price to cater for the tourists?

The helicopter ride takes no more than 20 minutes including a stopover in Klaksvík, and if the weather is good, it is a wonderful ride with great views. On the way out of Tórshavn you pass Mjóvanes (photo at the the top of the page). Mjóvanes is also called The Crocodile, can you see why?

Tip: If you take the helicopter going north, you will have the best view from one of the window seats on the left side of the cabin.



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