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Fort Lauderdale: Late dessert at La Bonne Crepe

by Sanne
La Bonne Crepe, Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale

After our dinner at American Social, we went for a walk along Las Olas Boulevard. We didn’t take many steps before we stumbled upon La Bonne Crepe, and even though we were both full after our dinner, we also knew that there’s always room for a crepe or two. They were about to close down for the night, but if we were just having dessert and didn’t mind them cleaning up around us, we could some inside.

My Crepes Suzette might not be the most visually appealing, and at several times during the flambéing, I feared that the waiter was about to set his fingers on fire. The crepes tasted really good though, and there were no traces of barbecued fingers.

Poul’s Peach Melba looked like something from a dessert fairytale. The crepe was light and crispy, and it was delicious together with the ice cream and the (canned?) peach. We didn’t want to stay for too long, but it was a nice little place, and I wouldn’t mind going back some other time during ordinary hours.

La Bonne Crepe, 815 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

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