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Good morning Dubai

by Sanne
Morning in Dubai, DMCC metro station

I’ve always been an early riser, but during the pandemic, it’s been even more pronounced, probably because there haven’t been a lot of late dinners and nights out to keep me awake.

I usually wake up at 5am, have breakfast while checking email before heading to the driving range to hit a bucket or two. Then back again just in time to catch the sunrise from the metro, -one of the perks of getting up early.

There’s something special about a city about to wake up, and for Dubai, the hour just after sunrise feels almost magical. The skyscrapers are wrapped in pastel pink shades on a backdrop of shimmering gold, and everything moves a little slower, as if someone hit the city’s snooze button to stay just another 5 minutes in that mellow, half-asleep state of mind. That’s my favorite time of the day. Good morning from Dubai:)

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