Fort Lauderdale: Good morning from Marriott

by Sanne
Marriott, Fort Lauderdale North

Good morning Florida! I’m at Marriott Fort Lauderdale North together with Poul, who arrived from Dubai yesterday. He has a 5-day layover here, so I flew in from New York and keep him company.

When we travel together, we always order room service snacks the first night, and yesterday, we had quesadillas and empanadas. Not the best the world has seen, but it’s often like that with hotel food. Considering how picky we usually are with food, it’s actually a silly tradition, but I think it’s here to stay.

The room is nice and spacious, and the view isn’t too bad, as you can see. The hotel is a bit outside the city, so right now, we’re considering whether we should rent a car or just Uber around.

We’re expecting Poul’s jetlag to kick in soon (there’s an 8-hour time difference between Florida and Dubai), so we’ll take a quiet day and just do some shopping. Fort Lauderdale has this giant outlet mall, that we’re planning to visit, and in the evening, we’ll be having dinner somewhere along the coast, if Poul can stay awake.

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