Holiday Gift Guide – Sustainable and Ethically Made Gifts

by Sanne

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The holidays are just around the corner, so I thought I would share this holiday gift guide from Fair Fashionista. The items at Fair Fashionista are made in collaboration with social businesses in Cambodia, Nepal and Thailand, committed to providing good conditions for their employees, a fair salary and a minimal waste of resources. Your gift purchase have a positive impact that goes far beyond the holidays, which makes giving a gift an even more joyful experience.

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Handwoven Tea Towels

The beautiful tea Towels in handwoven cotton come in many different colors and patterns. Some of the designs are made in Thailand, where Sylvia and Nor-Nor from Chimmuwa source the handwoven fabric from artisans in the small villages along the border to Myanmar. Other designs have been developed in collaboration with Weavers, which is a social business in Cambodia, empowering women in the villages to take charge of their own life and gain independence and pride that comes with earning an income.

For the holiday season, I have teamed up with the fellow female entrepreneurs from Hungry Bird Eats and Spread-mmms to put together a special holiday gift pack with a pair of tea towels, 2 bags of Nordic Crisps, and a mini jar of gourmet olive tapenade.  

Buy the handwoven tea towels here >>


Contoured Peace Silk Sleep Masks

The cute contoured sleep mask ticks all the boxes. The mask is made from soft Peace Silk (silk made without killing the silk worms) with a core of patented Metric 66, developed especially with comfort in mind. The 20mm deep eye cups means no pressure on your eyes and plenty of rooms for your lashes. Perfect for those short naps on board a train, bus or a plane, but also great for a good night’s sleep during daytime.

The women from CWSG (Cambodia Women’s Support Group) in Phnom Penh make the sleep masks and the embroidery details are hand-stitched. CWSG was founded by Ky Kanary with the purpose of providing a source of income as well as social support to the women in the group.

Buy the contoured sleep mask here >>


Warm and Soft Cashmere Wrap

Warm and soft handwoven wrap made from a mix of cashmere, wool and cotton. The wrap is made in collaboration with Local Women’s Handicraft (LWH) in Nepal, and the pattern has been developed especially for Fair Fashionista.

LWH (Local Women’s Handicrafts) is a textile and handicraft collective in Nepal founded by Nasreen Sheikh. Nasreen is a former sweatshop child worker and she has experienced the dark side of the garment industry on her own body, being forced to work 12-15 hours a day. Though she never gave up hope for a better future, so she managed to leave the sweat shop and start LWH.

Buy the Cashmere Wrap here >>


Buy Ethically Made Holiday Gifts


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