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Holiday Gift Guide – Sustainable and Ethically Made Gifts

by Sanne
How to fold a mini hand towel (oshibori)

The holidays are just around the corner, so I thought I would share this holiday gift guide from Mitzie Mee Shop where I am selling products from Fair Fashionista. The products from Fair Fashionista are made in collaboration with social businesses in Cambodia and Thailand, committed to providing good conditions for their employees, a fair salary and reducing waste of resources. Your gift purchase have a positive impact that goes far beyond the holidays, which makes gifting an even more joyful experience.

Wooden trays with ceramic inlay & Mini hand towels

You probably know the hot towels you are offered at Japanese restaurants to clean your hands with before the meal, and on board airplanes in business and first class. Sometimes you also find the small towels stacked on a tray next to the sink in the restroom at more upscale restaurants and hotels.

I have always thought it looked really nice with that kind of towels, and earlier this year, I started playing with the thought of ​​designing mini towels and matching trays for use at home. I asked (h)A.N.D. in Cambodia if they could help me with the trays, since I knew they are working with a very skilled wood carver, who specializes in creating beautiful products from reclaimed wood, which is wood from old demolished houses and old furniture which would otherwise have been discarded. The small ceramic inlays are pieces of antique, broken porcelain from Cambodia and Japan, which would otherwise have been thrown away, and each tray is therefore unique both in terms of wood and porcelain.

The mini towels are designed in collaboration with Linda from Weavers in Takeo, Cambodia. They are hand-woven in coarse white cotton yarn, and have a nice rustic look, which I think goes really well with the wooden trays. The large trays are designed so that 10 folded mini towels just fit on the tray, with the porcelain inlay still visible at the side.

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French barrettes, ethically made holiday gifts

French Barrettes Hair Bows

The women from CWSG (Cambodia Women’s Support Group) make the beautiful hair bows from leftover fabric from the garment industry in Cambodia. CWSG was founded by Ky Kanary with the purpose of providing a source of income as well as social support to the women in the group. The small logo plate has a butterfly stamp and is made by Angkor Bullet Jewellery from old bullet casings.

The metal French hair barrettes are from the French company Delsol. You probably have not heard about them, but they were actually the ones that invented the French barrette back in 1920. They are the only company that produces this kind of hair slides in Europe, and their French barrettes are of a very good quality.

The hair bows come with a small drawstring pouch made from upcycled fabric.

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Håndvævet bomuld, viskestykker

Handwoven Tea Towels

The beautiful tea Towels in handwoven cotton come in many different colors and patterns. Some of the designs are made in Thailand, where Sylvia and Nor-Nor from Chimmuwa source the handwoven fabric from artisans in the small villages along the border to Myanmar. Other designs have been developed in collaboration with Weavers, which is a social business in Cambodia, empowering women in the villages to take charge of their own life and gain independence and pride that comes with earning an income. This year we also have a selection of tea towels with block print from the fair fashion brand Domlei based in Phnom Penh.


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Contoured sleep mask, Peace Silk

Contoured Peace Silk Sleep Masks

The cute contoured sleep mask ticks all the boxes. The mask is made from soft Peace Silk (silk made without killing the silk worms) with a core of patented Metric 66, developed especially with comfort in mind. The 20mm deep eye cups means no pressure on your eyes and plenty of rooms for your lashes. Perfect for those short naps on board a train, bus or a plane, but also great for a good night’s sleep during daytime.

The women from CWSG (Cambodia Women’s Support Group) in Phnom Penh make the sleep masks and the embroidery details are hand-stitched. CWSG was founded by Ky Kanary with the purpose of providing a source of income as well as social support to the women in the group.

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Resort Robe handwoven cotton

Resort robes in handwoven cotton

Relax in your hotel room or at home wearing this beautiful handwoven resort robe. Can also be worn as a long cardigan paired with shorts, or jeans and a top.

Ikat is a traditional dyeing and weaving technique used in many places around the world. In Cambodia, ikat patterns have traditionally been reserved for fine silk fabric, but (h)A.N.D. has made handwoven cotton ikat their signature fabric for accessories and clothing items.

Update: The One-size L-XL resort robes are currently sold out, but are expected to be back in stock later this month.

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