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Dubai: Hello new home!

by Sanne
Dubai Blog

Day 4 in our new home! We won’t get curtains until next week, and the garden looks like a sandpit, but things are moving forward, and I think we will be happy out here. Every morning I have woken up by 6am from birds singing outside of my window, and it is so quiet here, that I sometimes tune in on a podcast, just to break the silence and get some background noise.

The move itself went very smooth. Except for the first time, we have been using Easytruck all the times we have been moving in Dubai, which is 7 times now if I recall correctly, and they have always been great. They always send lots of staff, so everything goes really quick, and they will wrap, pack and unpack all your stuff, which takes most of the stress out of moving. Though we had pest control the day before the move, and we needed to have all cabinets wiped and cleaned before putting our stuff inside, so we still have some unpacking to do.

We were moving from a 1200 sq. ft condo to a 3200sq. ft house, so our furniture looks tiny, and cannot fill even half of the rooms. Though instead of going on a big IKEA haul, we have decided to take it slow and work through the house one room at a time, with the kitchen and the living room as our first priorities.

We found a new oven from Smeg that we both liked, but it was not delivered until yesterday and the gas is not yet connected, so we have had a lot of home delivery food for the last couple of days. The home delivery options are more limited out here (no more Din Tai Fung), but there’s a Projeto Açaí nearby, and yesterday, we ordered from a pizza place called Sabbioni, which also turned out to be very good, so we will survive.

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