Helsingborg – Barfota

by Sanne
Barfota, Helsingborg

This weekend, I went to see my friend Rikke in Helsingborg (in Sweden). She has just bought this giant house together with her boyfriend, so they were busy painting and fixing all the stuff you need to fix before moving in. I would have loved to say that I helped, but most of the time, I was eating Cheez Doodles and getting in their way.

In the evening, we went for dinner at Barfota, which is a nice little restaurant right on the beach in Helsingborg. The menu had a good selection of the kind of fusions you would expect to find at a place like this. Rikke’s truffle risotto with shitake mushrooms offered a tasty Nordic take on the Italian classic, though I’m still wondering, what gave it the green color? My Yum Woon Sen was quite a far cry from the Thai original, but it tasted good, so I didn’t care.  

Magnus ordered a burger, and I regret I didn’t have one as well, but these days, I have a split dining personality. It’s my alter ego, who orders the food (healthy of course), while it’s my usual glutton self, who later on gets disappointed, when the salad arrives and all she wants is a big fat burger:)

We only booked our table a couple of hours in advance, so we didn’t get one of the popular beach front tables, when we arrived, but by the time we had finished our mains, one of the good tables were vacant, so for dessert we had a beautiful Swedish sunset and chocolate truffles.

Another nice beach side restaurant in Helsingborg is Pålsjö Krog, which you can read about here

Barfota is closed and the new place is called Fria Bad & Bar, Drottninggatan 95, Helsingborg

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