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Hong Kong: 3-course lunch at Madame Ching

by Sanne
Hamachi Crudo at Madame Ching in Hong Kong

Best lunch we had in Hong Kong? That must be the lunch at Madame Ching! Madame Ching is located on Star Street which is a small but trendy street located uphill from Queens Road. You will not see a lot of tourists up there, but Star Street is popular among the city’s expat crowd, and most of the restaurants we passed seemed busy.

Our 3-course menu at Madame Ching was 148HKD + a 20HKD add-on for the Hamachi Crudo that we had for a starter. A good price for a nice meal, in a city, known for super-expensive dining.

The Hamachi Crudo was really nice with just the right amount of sweet and spicy sauce and well worth the extra 20HKD, and the Pork Wonton had delicate thin skin and a sauce was so tasty I could have eaten it as a soup.

Poul’s main was Dan Dan Noodles, while I had the Madame Ching Bowl with roast duck. You could choose between rice or salad as the base for your bowl, and I chose salad. In some online reviews, people are complaining that the skin of the duck is not crispy enough, but that was not the case for the duck in my bowl; the duck was perfectly cooked and the skin was thin and crispy.

For dessert we had Blueberries with matcha Cream and Sponge Cake. Poul’s Americano really enhanced the flavor of the sponge cake, so if you order the cake, you should also get a cup of coffee. The blueberries were pretty to look at, but maybe not the most memorable dish. Though if you like desserts that are not too sweet, then the blueberries might be a good choice. 

Madame Ching, G/F, 5 Star Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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